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Hesse and Joule by Verdego
Hesse and Joule
Fluffy ladies enjoying themselves.  All sphinxes have at least a little streak of vanity (though it manifests differently) and everyone likes to feel pretty.
The Hierophant by Verdego
The Hierophant
The change to global totalitarianism came slowly.  So slowly it was barely noticed until the world’s people all fell into lock step under the same brutal rule which kept all thought to a minimum and all violence in it’s police state to a maximum.  Those that held sway all adhered to the same principles, and in secret they attempted to create their savior, the Hierophant, who would solidify everything they believed with the fervor only a cult can manifest.  In secret, dissidents, soldiers, prodigies, and all with promise were locked away and submitted to training and testing only the most warped of minds could execute.  Drugged, beaten, and warped, from these maltreated beings, it was foretold, the beloved Hierophant would arise.  It had been nearly a century, and from these experiments only the dogs of the military had arisen, the Emperors, the Strength, the Magicians, the Fools, but no Hierophant to swath the world in change.

And when she did come (and it was she, for all it was foretold the Hierophant would be male, HAD to be male) she did not bring the change they wanted, but it was too late, and there was liberty in her eyes and peace within her being brought only through the warped malefaction she had endured and made her manifest.


I love making art dolls – finding and assembling odds and ends, sculpting one of a kind faces and features, giving stories and life to these little stuffed and sculpted people and creatures.

These guys have all been sitting… waiting for homes for over three years now.

I realize now that… maybe these guys aren’t as perfect or desirable as I would have hoped. I’m very fond of them, I put a lot into my work, particularly that I hope to sell, but without much interest, these guys have just sat. I’d love to keep making them and keep improving (moving to more durable plastic armatures, and cast features), but given space and materials, I can’t really make more until I make some space and have some money set aside for making more. So it seems only fair to drastically drop their prices in hopes that maybe that will help them find homes. I’m very fond of what I do and I try very hard to charge fairly based on time and materials, but perhaps my expertise just isn’t high enough to ask what I would hope for.

I would love to get these guys homes before the new year.  These prices are very negotiable, honestly I’m willing to pretty much give them away at this point if someone likes them. Just so long as I can at least cover shipping. I know the economy’s been in a downturn and spending money on art isn’t a priority too… and let’s face it, I’m just… not missmonster or remji or homemade horrors or anything even close to that. I just… try.

Art Doll Sale - Links to Etsy Pages

  1. Balwin the Troll Lump' – Was $45.00 – Now $20.00

  2. Erfer the Troll Lump' – Was $45.00 – Now $20.00

  3. Nwe the Troll Lump' – Was $45.00 – Now $20.00

  4. Lwind the Troll Lump' – Was $45.00 – Now $20.00

  5. Sealie the Troll Lump' – Was $25.00 – Now $15.00

  6. Agate Eyes the Unicorn' – Was $150.00 – Now $65.00

  7. Hackle the Dragon' – Was $150.00 – Now $65.00

  8. Fleur-de-Lis the Gryphon' – Was $150.00 – Now $65.00

  9. Murasaki the Nudibranch' – Was $150.00 – Now $65.00

  10. Midori the Dreamwalker' – Was $175.00 – Now $75.00

  11. Lalya the Engineer' – Was $150.00 – Now $50.00

  12. Barsa the Little Goddess' – Was $150.00 – Now $50.00

  13. Aladdin the Bird Companion' – Was $125.00 – Now $45.00

  14. Albatross the Bird Companion' – Was $125.00 – Now $45.00

  15. Axda the Bird Companion' – Was $125.00 – Now $45.00


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You have really unique style, I love it :)
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Hello ~Verdego . I am glad you joined our #TheatreArtists group. Welcome aboard! We are hosting a props challenge, so if you have other different props please submit them to the featured gallery. I think you have time to submit one or two more before the deadline. There's a week in between submissions. Welcome!
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Wanna lama?
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You have a wonderful gallery
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You have an extraordinary imagination! I'm thrilled. Keep it up! :heart:
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