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Abandoned Space - Bath by Verdego
Abandoned Space - Bath
Second in the series of miniature abandoned spaces.  I currently have at least three more planned, and probably will do more than that.
Abandoned Space - Courtyard by Verdego
Abandoned Space - Courtyard

I’ve been working on these a while.  These are little miniature spaces (about 6″x6″x6″) in abandoned themes with attention to decay, overgrowth, and emptiness.  This is the first in these series.  Everything is made by hand apart from the plant fronds and grass tufts.

Yellow by Verdego

Sarafan Commander Melchiah

The third of his brothers to join the order (though youngest in age of all of them), Melchiah was considered a charity case.  Taken in by the order as a child too simple to likely ever be of societal ‘use’.  Completely nonverbal and very young, Turel and Raziel, while aware of his differences from the norm, rapidly took to him, the nearly non-verbal himself Turel rapidly teaching him how to sign (albeit in a pidgin sort of way).  The three boys were rapidly nearly inseparable, and when he came of age to do so, he followed his ‘brothers’ in their training as Sarafan Warrior-Inquisitors.

Uncomfortable with the sensation of hair, Melchiah has always had a shaved head from the moment he could convey this need to someone who could help with it (of course, he is able to take care of it himself nowadays). 
Gray by Verdego

Sarafan Zephron:

Headcanon: Joining the order following Melchiah, Zephron was a simple case of a middle-class somewhat difficult child with no particular plan in life from his family.  With his mental issues, it seems life may not have been ideal within his own family at any particular point as well.  Perhaps, like Dumah, not entirely willingly, but finding a place of safety and joy amongst his brothers.

Zephron’s color is a little unusual amongst his brothers, as they have all chosen from their favorites, but for him, his choice was limited to one.  Fully colorblind, he simply went with gray.  Despite the vision issue, he displays an unusual degree of hetrochromia, of which he was not aware until adulthood.

Blue by Verdego

Sarafan Rahab.

Headcanon: The last of Malek’s beloved commanders to join the order, having long been fending for himself on the streets in his own way.  The eldest to join, well in his teens, rumor holds he had made his way in selling himself from far younger than any society should find even remotely permissible.

While lacking the finesse of Raziel, the strength of Turel, and the versatility of Dumah, Rahab shows a cold focus in hand-to-hand and short arms combat that outmatches any of his brothers.

I love making art dolls – finding and assembling odds and ends, sculpting one of a kind faces and features, giving stories and life to these little stuffed and sculpted people and creatures.

These guys have all been sitting… waiting for homes for over three years now.

I realize now that… maybe these guys aren’t as perfect or desirable as I would have hoped. I’m very fond of them, I put a lot into my work, particularly that I hope to sell, but without much interest, these guys have just sat. I’d love to keep making them and keep improving (moving to more durable plastic armatures, and cast features), but given space and materials, I can’t really make more until I make some space and have some money set aside for making more. So it seems only fair to drastically drop their prices in hopes that maybe that will help them find homes. I’m very fond of what I do and I try very hard to charge fairly based on time and materials, but perhaps my expertise just isn’t high enough to ask what I would hope for.

I would love to get these guys homes before the new year.  These prices are very negotiable, honestly I’m willing to pretty much give them away at this point if someone likes them. Just so long as I can at least cover shipping. I know the economy’s been in a downturn and spending money on art isn’t a priority too… and let’s face it, I’m just… not missmonster or remji or homemade horrors or anything even close to that. I just… try.

Art Doll Sale - Links to Etsy Pages

  1. Balwin the Troll Lump' – Was $45.00 – Now $20.00

  2. Erfer the Troll Lump' – Was $45.00 – Now $20.00

  3. Nwe the Troll Lump' – Was $45.00 – Now $20.00

  4. Lwind the Troll Lump' – Was $45.00 – Now $20.00

  5. Sealie the Troll Lump' – Was $25.00 – Now $15.00

  6. Agate Eyes the Unicorn' – Was $150.00 – Now $65.00

  7. Hackle the Dragon' – Was $150.00 – Now $65.00

  8. Fleur-de-Lis the Gryphon' – Was $150.00 – Now $65.00

  9. Murasaki the Nudibranch' – Was $150.00 – Now $65.00

  10. Midori the Dreamwalker' – Was $175.00 – Now $75.00

  11. Lalya the Engineer' – Was $150.00 – Now $50.00

  12. Barsa the Little Goddess' – Was $150.00 – Now $50.00

  13. Aladdin the Bird Companion' – Was $125.00 – Now $45.00

  14. Albatross the Bird Companion' – Was $125.00 – Now $45.00

  15. Axda the Bird Companion' – Was $125.00 – Now $45.00


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